I keep using this ordinary recycled material changing constantly due to its nature and position. I cut, scrape, remove, add, color and discolor. Their creation is a process of total recycle.


Blue period was influenced by an experience of mine. One day, while I was washing my hair, I saw and felt through touching them like they had blue color. That was maybe a kind of synesthesia. From that moment color blue dominated the paintings of that period.


Here I focus on lines, colors and the connections between them. Inspired by Van Gogh I found my own way based on his technique by lengthen and widen the lines. Colorful lines connected to one another create the sense of movement and flow.


Natural poses, imaginary figures, and many drawings painted during my trips. Most of them are black and white drew with pencil or pen. This category includes my early till my latest drawings, influenced by various art movements.


Collages with paper, paperboard, and fabric. Painted with pen, pencil, oil pastel, plastic color etc. Such a creative procedure because of the nature of the materials, which give me the freedom of self-expression through craft. I cut, I glue, I snip, I color and make art.


These works of art are creating without using a brush. I just take the color directly from the bowl, drip it to the canvas and finish my creations by burning them. Sometimes I have the whole picture in my mind, but other times my paintings are a result of abstract movements and feelings. This process helps me to discover new forms and make new correlations between me and my subject.